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Computer Science Department

Al-Nahrain university, Iraq-Baghdad, Al-Jadiriyah

Phone No. : 7783320

E-mail of the department


Each year graduated students from this department celebrate by their own way, wearing clothes of different civilizations and cultures.

This work is really not as easy as it look like, it takes a lot of time, effort, money and cooperation between students, but this is helping them to be close to each others and to understand them selves more and more.

The first step is to choose the scene they went to do, type of clothes and the amount of money needed for that.

Then they collect that money, and buy the things they need, but unfortunately they have to do a lot of the work by them selves, like painting, sewing and designing.

Finally the result is really impressive!, that's what they did by them selves, they are now more self-confident.

The department also organizes picnics for many places, to help students change their mood after the hard finals.

Students may also have the opportunity to organize their own picnics.



Last Updated : 11/06/2005