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Computer Science Department

Al-Nahrain university, Iraq-Baghdad, Al-Jadiriyah

Phone No. : 7783320

E-mail of the department


Seminars are being held for the students of MSC and PHD during the research stage to show their progress, problems they face, things they need and also to show their goals from their research and the things that succeeded or failed.

A report must be written to show the practical and theoretical steps that are reached by the student, and according to his/her research subject.

Usually seminars are held in the (DH5) of building No. (1), and according to the sechedule that is announced by the department.

The seminar is being attended by their supervisors and all of the post graduate students MSC & PHD, to have a good chance to learn from the faults of others.

Last Updated : 11/06/2005