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Computer Science Department

Al-Nahrain university, Iraq-Baghdad, Al-Jadiriyah

Phone No. : 7783320

E-mail of the department


Some photos from behind the scenes, which also describes some beautiful activities of students :


Dr.Venus we missed you too much please return back.







The head of the department Dr.Taha has joined the party!


Now have a look at that he is really our father!


Football games in college are very popular.


Wondering what's that huge thing? well it's the old computer my dear!


Wall paintings made by students during their parties over the years.










Who's that? he's Ameen the wonderful photographer of our college!


This will really kill us too!


And who is this? who does'nt know him! he is Bill Gates, wanna be like him?!












One of the drawing exibitions of Hayder Kadhim.


This is the new basketball team, it really neads more support.


And this is the coatch of the basketball team Mr.Jamal Ohan.







One of the book exibitions held and supported by the Al-Qawthar Union, thanks to them.


This is the demonstration of the students of Al-Nahrain against the decision of the university to change the MSC conditions.


Al-Hurah making an interview with one of the students.


Again this is baghdad channel making an interview with another student.


And finally a photo for students in the graduation party.




Last Updated : 11/06/2005