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Computer Science Department

Al-Nahrain university, Iraq-Baghdad, Al-Jadiriyah

Phone No. : 7783320

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There exists two main unions in the university of Al-Nahrain, these unions are supposed to represent samples of students by their thoughts, directions and aspirations, each of them has it's own slogan, aims and opinion.

A brief describtion of the two unions is listed below :


The Iraqi Students and Youth League


This union has a news paper known as "Al-Murtaqa", they also established the group of "Lajnat Suna' Al-Hayat", and they belong to many other universities in Iraq.


Website : www.alrabita.net



Al-Kawthar League


Management and supervision center for this union is at Al-Nahrain university, it's slogan is ethics, education and cooperation.

This union is not related to any party or political direction, and it has the aims of raising ethical, communal and social levels for students.


Structure of this union :

1- Management board.

2- General board.

3- Supervision board.


Conditions for participation :

1- Participant must be older than 15 years.

2- He must have a good behavior.

3- He must have at least two recommendations from the older participants.

4- He must accept all the principles and aims for that union.


This union also have a news paper, named as "Noor Al-Kawthar", published every 15 days.


Website : www.laith2000.zap3x.com



Last Updated : 11/06/2005