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Computer Science Department

Al-Nahrain university, Iraq-Baghdad, Al-Jadiriyah

Phone No. : 7783320

E-mail of the department


UnderGraduate students could apply for the department and according to the plan of the university for the current year, the applicant must have an average higher or equal to 80% in order to apply for the IQ test, after having the test an interview with applicant will be held to ask him about the reasons for choosing computer science, his aspirations and his plans for the future.




In order to compete with others, the average of the applicant is computed as follows : 20% for the IQ test and 80% for the average of under graduation.


According to the plan of the university the department accepts 30 students to have the opportunity of studying computer science in Al-Nahrain university.

If you you want more information, or have any other questions about admissions, you should contact the department.

Last Updated : 11/06/2005